NJ RPO Qualification & Renewal



NJ RPO Qualification & Renewal:

The retired law enforcement officer permit to carry a handgun law was enacted to help make our streets and communities safer.

Under federal law (H.R. 218) and New Jersey state law, retired police officers are permitted to carry firearms.

The OA Firearms & Survival Training offers qualification courses for retired law enforcement officers to meet the requirements of the NJ RPO permit. The NJ RPO program now includes Use of Force training and completion of the Daylight Handgun Qualification Course and Night Handgun Qualification Course.

Retired police officers in New Jersey can adhere to the H.R. 218 Federal guidelines or participate in the NJSP Retired Police Officer program. Please bring the firearms you wish to qualify with, along with 100 rounds of ammunition per firearm, and a flashlight or a flashlight mounted to your firearm(s). Flashlights and ammunition are available for purchase at our retail store.

Prerequisite: Retired Police Officer