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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions on various topics with our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Find solutions and information on a wide range of subjects.

Do you offer training courses for first-time shooters?

We have a wide variety of training courses for all levels of shooters! Please Click Here for our training course offerings and pricing and Click Here for our new shooter’s training courses.

Is my out of state CCW permit accepted in New Jersey?

Highly unlikely. However, I recommend contacting your local Police Department and The New Jersey State Police to verify whether your CCW Permit is accepted in New Jersey.

Do you provide guns for the Basic Training Courses?

Yes! Firearms are provided to students who do not currently own a firearm. If you own a firearm, we encourage you to bring it to class.

How do I transport my gun to class and the Gun Range?

All firearms transported into the State of New Jersey: Shall be carried unloaded and contained in a closed and fastened case, gun box, securely tied package, or locked in the trunk of the automobile in which it is being transported, and in the course of travel, shall include only such deviations as are reasonably necessary under the circumstances. The firearm should not be directly accessible from the passenger compartment of the vehicle. If the vehicle does not have a compartment separate from the passenger compartment, the firearm and ammunition must be in a locked container other than the vehicle’s glove compartment or console. Click here to see the New Jersey State Police firearms transportation information.

I've never held a gun before. Is the Basic Handgun Class good for me?

Yes, this class is designed for persons who are unfamiliar with guns.

Do you offer classes for "Women Only"?

Yes, and we can also make special scheduling arrangements for a family or group. Please Click Here for our Women’s Handgun & Self-Defense course offerings and pricings.

Can I bring my AR-15 pistol to a pistol Training Course?

No, our handgun training courses are geared towards the typical handgun owned by most people. The length of the AR- 5 type pistol does not allow for a safe environment for all students with the drills we teach.

Can I borrow a handgun for the other classes (Intermediate or Advanced)?

No, because you need other equipment in addition to your handgun for these classes. The training is specialized to make you and your gun a team.

How do I dress?

Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing and DO NOT wear open-toed shoes. Wear or bring layers as the weather can change from morning to afternoon.

What do I need to bring to the range with me?

A brimmed hat. If you have eye protection and ear protection bring them. If not (eye and ear protection are available for purchase at the range.) N.B. Sunglasses or prescription glasses are accepted eye protection.

What is the minimum age requirement?

A parent or guardian is required to take the class along with a child under the age of 18. We ask you, the parent, “Do you feel comfortable with the child next to you with a loaded gun?” If you have any doubts, wait a couple of years. Children are easier to teach than adults because when we tell a child to do something, they do it. Adults ask, “Why?”

Do I need to take the Basic Handgun Class before I take the Basic Shotgun or Basic Rifle Class?

No. Neither the Basic Shotgun Class nor the Basic Rifle Class has prerequisites.

Merchandise Return Policy

All sales of clothing are final and non-refundable.

Training Course Refund Policy

You must contact us 48 hours before the class if you can’t make it and we will apply your deposit to a class that suits your schedule. If you do not cancel 48 hours before class, you are subject to losing your deposit/pre-payment. No refunds are given.

What happens if there is inclement weather on the day of the class?

Inclement weather may cause a class to cancel due to unsafe conditions on the road. Unless notified the night before, classes will be held as scheduled.

Can I borrow a shotgun or rifle for those classes?

Yes. At no additional charge, shotguns and rifles will be provided if needed.

Are there types of ammunition that cannot be used at the range?

No steel core, steel jacketed, or tracer ammunition is allowed in class. Copper–washed or full metal jackets are acceptable. Ammunition is also available for purchase at the range.

What type of firearms are illegal in New Jersey?

A complete list of banned firearms can be found in N.J.S. 2C:39-1.w as well as N.J.A.C. 13:54-1.2.