CTMST – Countering the Threat


The solutions outlined in Part Two are based upon the clear and convincing evidence uncovered in Part One. The solutions are comprehensive—in other words, they are meant to deter potential shooters before they strike; they are meant to end attacks early and minimize the number of victims when they strike; and they are meant to save the lives of victims after the attack is over. Topics explored in Part Two include: – Knowing the signs. – Creating an emergency operations plan for your school, house of worship or business. – Special security considerations for schools. – Special security considerations for houses of worship. – Using the Run, Hide, Fight Methodology. – When fighting back means using a firearm. – Triage and treat the wounded. – The criteria for gun free zones. – Where do we go from here? Whether you accept all of Martin’s recommendations or not, you will find something of value in Part Two, even if it’s learning how to properly develop an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for your house of worship, school or business; or if it’s learning how to make a field expedient tourniquet or chest seal in order to protect the life of a critically injured victim if you ever find yourself at the scene of a mass shooting.